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7 Interesting Facts About Sex Female

Fakta Menarik Tentang Kelamin Wanita
Talk about genitals can not be done easily. Especially with Indonesian culture that tends to regard such a taboo. But that does not mean you do not know at all is not it ?. In adult life, an understanding of the genitals is necessary for human survival.
Simple learning about it maybe you've done while in high school. The more you get older and you're thinking, knowledge about the area of ​​the human person is something that must be known to be intelligent. Not to be so negative that leads sex, but such knowledge is needed to prevent disease and married life.
Here are 7 Interesting Facts About Sex Female:
1. There are 8,000 Vein NerveWhat is called the female genitals (vagina) actually consists of several parts. If you can still remember the lessons of Biology, one of Miss V is the clitoris which is a special organ for women during sex and apparently contains 8,000 nerve endings.
And do you know if the nerves in the clitoris is much more than they are at the end of the male genitalia which only consists of 3,500 nerve. But do not worry, men still win the overall number of nerves at the genitals of 24,000.
2. Genital Female Same With SharksFortunately similarity here not have the same teeth. But because it has a compound called squalane. It is found also in the liver of sharks that if the vagina is used as a lubricating fluid. Mentioned while female arousal, then there will be a widening in the clitoris to the genital tract for the sperm to the egg.
3. Can Landscape Up to 200%Although there is no standard size for the size of the vagina, but the average is about 7.6 cm wide and 8.8 cm in. But you know if Miss V can be widened to 200% of its original size? Because the sperm meets the egg can be fertilized and managed a growing baby for 9 months. But it seems that factors such as age, weight, and smoking can affect the size of the Miss V.

4. Location of the G-SpotThe most secret things of a man probably is the G-Spot. Yes, for you who are married, knowing the position of the G-Spot is very important that could affect the sexual life of husband and wife. An information for married couples, that apparently the G-Spot is what is responsible for intense orgasms and more powerful than the clitoris and she was in the Miss V. How do I find it? Can you find out if you're already married.
5. Apparently Can TrainedIn 1948, a man named Arnold Kegel change women's lives forever when he published a pelvic floor exercises called Kegel exercises and useful to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This exercise is useful for women to cope with childbirth, to prevent urinary tract infections, to increase sexual activity.
How did I do this? Try to stop the flow of urine (urine) during urination. Another method is inserting a finger into the vagina and press the muscles around the finger and you will experience a sensation in which the muscles tightened before you make the muscles relax again.
6. Do not be washed!Not that it is not washed invites you to live dirty, but not carelessly wash the vagina with soap that has a harsh chemical elements. Miss V is full of bacteria, but bacteria it is good to make a woman to be healthy. And so special Miss V can clean itself. Miss V has a pH level of about 4 and it was that made it should be cleaned with liquid pH setingkah there.
7. Do ShavedOne of the biggest secrets is why the presence of genital human hair? According to science, it is used as a pheromone trap (characteristic odor out during intercourse). But in fact, especially in the modern era is quite a lot of women who remove hair in the genital area. Yes, it all depends on everyone's opinion is not it? That would still keep the cleanliness.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

7 Most Unique River in Indonesia

7 Most Unique River In Indonesia - Who said that Indonesia does not have a cool tourist destination that makes us feel overseas? Want to feel the sensation down the Amazon, can. Want to roam in underground caves through the river? Also can. In these places, you will feel the sensation of places abroad. Rivers anything?

Here are 7 Most Unique River in Indonesia :

1. Sungai Mahakam, Kalimantan Timur

Sungai Paling Unik Di Indonesia

If you want to see dolphins directly, you do not have to go far to Jamaica which is famous for its wild dolphins are benign. In the Mahakam River, Kutai Barat, you can watch the dolphins directly.

In certain seasons, the Mahakam river basin will be visited dolphin species called dolphin. Freshwater dolphins are often seen in the mornings and afternoons. In addition to dolphins, you can also see other wild animals are stunning.

2. Ayung River, Bali

Sungai Paling Unik Di Indonesia

If a visit to Bali, do not just stuck in the famous beaches. Because Bali apparently has another rare natural beauty exposed. In Ubud, Gianyar, there is a beautiful river called the river Ayung.

This river has a long, captivating tourists with its beauty. In fact there is a resort near the river which offers a spa on the edge of the river. Visitors who want to enjoy the spa will be put to sleep on top of a large stone riverbank. Furthermore, visitors will get a massage accompanied by birdsong.

3. Martapura River, South Kalimantan

Sungai Paling Unik Di Indonesia

Want to enjoy the sensation of floating market? You do not need all the way to Thailand, known as the Floating Market Pattayanya. In Martapura River, Banjar, South Kalimantan, you can visit the Floating Market Lok Baintan.

This market is touted as a floating market is still traditional. Traders used to trade with a traditional boat called catamarans. You can directly approach the seller in each boat, but also can call them from the riverbank. Later merchants who will approach the buyer.

4. Kampar River, Riau

Sungai Paling Unik Di Indonesia

Better with high surfing waves? Did not have far to come to Hawaii. In Sungai Kampar, Riau, you can surf. Located not far from the sea makes this river is often visited by the waves.

At certain times, you can find high waves that can be ridden. Large waves are called Bono by local residents is already famous among surfers. When the moon is full, Bono can reach a height of three meters.

5. Kalisuci River, Gunung Kidul

Sungai Paling Unik Di Indonesia

If you are an adventure lover, definitely never tried cave tubing. Cave tubing means exploring the cave with rafting. The place is the famous cave tubing in the caves of New Zealand.

But you do not need all the way to New Zealand. In Kalisuci, Gunung Kidul, you can enjoy it. Armed with equipment such as protective helmets, life jackets, and rubber tires, you will be invited menyurusi underground river. Every now and then you also have to pass through a dark alley underground cave.

6. Cijulang River, Pangandaran

Sungai Paling Unik Di Indonesia

The original name of this place is the Green Canyon, which means Land Bridge. However, a French citizen ever call this place as Green Canyon. Since the name is attached to the river located in the village of Kertayasa, Cijulang, West Java.

The river is flanked by two hills and groves of trees. The water is clear green. You can swim to enjoy the beauty of the river directly. You can also take a boat if you want to relax and enjoy the view of the river.

7. Maron River, Pacitan

Sungai Paling Unik Di Indonesia

Want to feel the sensation of a river down the Amazon? Did not have far to come to Brazil. You just come to the village, District Pringkuku, Pacitan.

From the village, you can walk along the river that empties into Maron Ngiroboyo Beach. Along the way, you will be treated to a view of the ranks of coconut trees and lush trees and dense as in the Amazon. Ngiroboyo Coast, you will be treated to another surprise the black sandy beaches.

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4 Effects of Too Often Drinking Liquor

Akibat Jika Terlalu Sering Minum Minuman Keras
Although not common in Indonesia, but this time found many people consume drinking. Whether it's a means to socialize and how to release stress. Because liquor containing alcohol in it, of course, capable of causing adverse effects to the health of the body.
Here are 4 Effects of Alcohol Drinking Too Often as reported from
1. AddictionWhen a person is drinking liquor in a long period of time, then he will be addicted. There will always be a desire to drink alcohol in larger quantities every day.
2. PoisoningBecause they contain a lot of chemicals in it, it is not likely you will suffer from alcohol poisoning. Some symptoms such as difficulty breathing, choking, and can cause death.
3. Short-term effectsThere are some short-term effects that can be caused by frequent drinking. Such as the difficulty to coordinate muscles, blurred vision, as well as blood pressure and blood sugar levels are low.
4. Long-term effectsIn addition to the short-term effects, there are some long-term effects that damage to multiple organs such as liver cirrhosis, kidney damage, stomach cancer, and infertility.
Well, that's 4 Effects of Too Often Drinking Liquor. In addition to the health hazards, other dangers are capable of endangering the health of the fetus and pregnant women. And do not ever consume liquor while driving as they can endanger the safety of you and others.

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World's Most Expensive hours Worth 260 Billion Rupiah

Is my friend a lover hour? Maybe if you see this watch definitely wanted to have it, this clock is very unique, not only to mark time, but a lot of other uses. But make no mistake, this clock exorbitant price!

Most expensive watches in the world and considered as the most complicated watch manufacture, sold in an auction in Geneva, Switzerland, on Tuesday (11.11.14). Timepiece was released at a price of approximately US $ 21.3 million or if dirupiahkan to Rp 260 billion.

The clock was made for American banker Henry Graves Junior in 1930 and called The Henry Graves Supercomplication. The owner last hour it is an art collector Qatar, Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani, who died two days before the auction clock.

World's Most Expensive hours Worth 260 Billion Rupiah

These hours, as reported by the BBC on Wednesday (12.11.14), sold to help pay debts Sheikh al-Thani to the auction house Sotheby's. Sheikh al-Thani spent more than US $ 1 billion to build an art collection Qatar.

The clock was made by Patek Philippe in 1933. In it there is a bell (clock tower) Westminster (UK), calendar, time of sunrise and sunset. Expensive watches it also contains a map of the night sky of New York as seen from Graves apartment on Fifth Avenue.

This clock is called complicated because of technical reference watchmaking aimed not just to look at the time, as desired Henry Graves. Watchmakers in Switzerland, Patek Philippe, took eight years to complete these hours.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Successful aircraft Take-off From Asteroid

Today's technology is growing rapidly. Not only thrive in the environment around it, but had flown away into space. Humans began to explore every corner of the universe. Until they began to develop aircraft-launched spacecraft carrying a research mission.

One space probe named Hayabusa has been officially certified by Guinness World Records as the world's first spacecraft back to earth with a material collected from the asteroid. This mini plane is the first successful take-off from an asteroid and return to Earth. It is a pride for technological progress of mankind.



Unmanned aircraft launched by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to the asteroid Itokawa in 2003, spent three months in the asteroid shaped like a potato that has a diameter of up to 500 meters.

The main spacecraft, along with sample storage capsule, returning to Earth in 2010 after completing a seven-year journey as far as 6 billion miles. The plane was supposed to arrive back on Earth in 2007, but there was a technical problem that made it back floating in space for three more years.






Guinness World Records recognizes Hayabusa as "Spacecraft first successful take-off from an asteroid."

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Scientists It's Not Cut Hair Decade

Are there any among you who rarely barber? Although there are, certainly not like that done by scientists on this one. His name is Professor Stewart Walker, He a scientist from Adelaide who makes her own hair as the object of the research. And for the purposes of scientific research is never cut his hair for a decade. Wow, how long huh?

Associate Professor Stewart Walker from Flinders University has finally cut the hair which was maintained for 10 years. But this is not a ritual haircut at the barber hair. Because scientists from Adelaide is deliberately maintain her gray hair over the last decade as part of the preparation for scientific experiments.

Haircut on the head it will be analyzed the content of the details of elements and isotopes in it. In addition, Professor Walker also hope haircut will be able to reveal the details of the trip that has been done over the last 10 years.

In short, Professor Walker explains the haircut will be analyzed about how water molecules from different parts of the world different from each other. Unlike the things that can be revealed by DNA testing, this technique can reveal the story according to which a person is coming from.

"Water in the tropics may be different from the waters in the Arctic, so that when the drinking water - for example, I have been in Tromso in northern Arctic - I drink very different isotope and element content of the water I drank in Adelaide," he said.

"And when the water was trapped
The hair trace me, then I will be able to find traces of water in Adelaide and also Tromso and trace water content of Scotland, a place which I will also visit in the future."

Professor Walker documenting his travels over the past decade for this experiment.

According to this technique could be useful in addressing a number of serious problems, such as the issue of asylum seekers, this technique can trace the route that has been taken by people smugglers.

In addition, post-disaster, this technique can be a useful tool in helping to identify victims.

"My colleague who was involved in addressing the 2004 Tsunami tell them difficult to identify the country of origin of the bodies they found. So for example, if it is known that the bodies of Thailand, then they will be able to send the victim to Pastor Thailand to be more appropriate memorial , "he said.

"We can also say" The victims came from Sweden and we must
return to Sweden, "

This technique can also be applied to trace the origin of the food and beverage industry.

Professor Walker previously broke claims mention that wine sold in Hong Kong comes from the Coonawarra region of South Australia. It does look suspicious Wine seen from the bottle, cork and spelling errors on the label.

"Wine that can be claimed from Australia who have been sent out and then packaged in a bottle of local, so we have to analyze the isotopic ratios in wine it to prove that the wine may not be imported from Australia," he said.

The scientific examination confirms that not a drop of wine that were originally from Coonawarra.

Mysterious Hole Research in Yamal

Still remember the appearance of a mysterious hole in Yamal? For those who have not read, please read here: The emergence of the Big Hole Mysterious in Yamal.

Russian scientists got their first view of the mysterious crater in Yamal, Siberia on Wednesday, July 16th, while the Siberian Times, take a picture of a helicopter to get a view of the mysterious crater from above.

It is estimated that the crater could have a diameter of 80 meters. However, Andrey Plekhanov of State Scientific Centre of Arctic Research told The Siberian Times that the hole is approximately 30 meters wide and its outer portion covering soil emissions of about 60 meters in diameter.

Mysterious Hole Research in Yamal

The researchers also saw a lake of ice at the bottom of the hole that it is about 70 meters. Samples of land, air, and water has been taken in order to help determine the cause.

Preliminary results indicate that the hole was formed in the last two years and satellite data were examined to try and identify exactly when the first hole appeared. Siberian Plekhanov told the Times that it is the ejection of the hole in the ice, but it was not an explosion because there is no heat loss.

Mysterious Hole Research in Yamal

"There is ice in the crater that gradually melts in the sun. Also there meltwater flows down from the sides, we can clearly see traces of water on the walls of the hole. The crater is filled with ice around eighty percent", said Andrey PlekhanovHe stressed: "We are working with space photographs (which provides satellite imagery) to determine the exact time of its formation."We have taken samples of soil and ice that will be taken directly to the laboratory. We can safely say that the emergence of this crater is relatively new, maybe one or two years ago."Could it be related to global warming? We must continue our research to answer this question.""Two summers earlier - in 2012 and 2014 was relatively hot for Yamal, this might somehow affect the formation of the crater.""But we have to do a test and our research first and then put it more definitive.""The best theory for now is that the crater was formed by internal forces, not external forces."
Mysterious Hole Research in Yamal

Mysterious Hole Research in Yamal

"For now we can say with certainty that under the influence of internal processes exist ejection in permafrost. I want to emphasize that it was not an explosion, but the ejection, so that no heat is released."Previous scientists believe no visible burn marks on the side of the crater."I am also reminded of a theory ever proposed by our scientists in the 1980s, but the theory is then forgotten for several years."It says that a number of lakes in the Yamal formed by natural processes exactly as happened in the permafrost."Such kind of process that occurred about 8,000 years ago, it may be natural to repeat this time. If this theory is confirmed, we can say that we have witnessed a unique natural processes that form the unusual landscape of the Yamal peninsula.""No trace of anthropogenic impacts near the crater, also no trace of human presence, except for a few traces of the sled and of course the deer trail.""If this is a man-made disaster that occurred when pememompaan gas, then this hole would be closer to the gas fields, not here", said Andrey Plekhanov told The Siberian Times."The hole is about 30 kilometers away. And unknown to the workers in the fields Gas".
Mysterious Hole Research in Yamal

Mysterious Hole Research in Yamal

Speculation about aliens or UFOs, he insisted: "There is nothing mysterious about this hole. There is no strange feeling or that can not be described here, we came back with a healthy and wal afiat".

Nonetheless, he said: "I've never seen anything like this, although I have to Yamal many times."

Summer of 2012 and 2014 it was warm in the area, but researchers still have much work to do before actually know what the specific cause of the creation of the hole.